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Spore Wars Episode 1 Spore Wars Episode 1

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Lower the sound of the background music!

The drawings was ok, not great, but I bet you've spent a lot of time on it, so I'll be nice. Firstly, the looping background in the beginning was no good, as you could see it beeing "reset" to its first position. Secondly, you should try to get the limbs look like they're a part of the body. In the movie, when a character is moving an arm for example, it looks like it's a loose part that it's attached to him, rather than his arm. An idea could be to draw several "graphics" of the same arm (or feet) in different positions, so that they looks like they are a part of the body.

The biggest issue I find is the sounds and the music. The background music is way too loud, which makes it impossible to hear what the characters say. I don't know what recording program you use, but you should definitely use your sound editor to lower the volume of the music, as it was annoyingly loud. If you had fixed the music, you would likely get a much higher score.

I hope you find my review helpful and keep working as you will improve! Good luck with future movies! :)

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Starkid Starkid

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Great first 'real' flash movie

Just want to say that I think you've done a good job for a first movie. Perhaps a little short, but I bet it took very long time to create (may I ask how long time it took?). I guess as you progress you will be able to work faster and make even better movies. Good choice of music. I liked the graphics very well, and its amazing that you've drawn it using a laptop's touch pad.
Remember when creating a really good movie many things are important. The story, how you present the story, animation, quality of graphics. Even though you have a long way to go before creating the new "best of the week" I think you really got the potential to make the top lists one day. :)

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Phantom905 responds:

Right now I'm on winter break, so for the past three days I have been working non-stop on it. I know its short, and watching it over I can see where it needs improvement, but hopefully things will get better. thanks for the encouragement!

Recent Game Reviews

Weapons on Wheels Weapons on Wheels

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Decent car game, but could be better...

I enjoyed playing this game and completed it with one of the cars. Still, I've got a few suggestions to how you could make the game better. First, you should add a pause menu, and the user should be able to mute the sound. As a car game the game was great, but I expected more and better weapons from the title.
One last thing: You should update the rank (position) continuosly, not just when passing the finish line.
Hope you'll make a new, better version some time in the future. :)

ForTheLoss responds:

Yeah, I agree with everything you said.

Thing is, it's be damn near impossible to implement any of those changes without basically recoding the whole game.

With this being my first ever project, the coding style leaves something to be desired. It's a terrible mess.

The good thing is I learned a ton of crap and thaet'll help me in the future.

Conway's Game of Life Conway's Game of Life

Rated 1 / 5 stars

Needs improvment...

"Conway's Game of Life" is a great "game" and there are many good versions of it on the internet. Unfortunately, this is not one of them. After loading the movie, you meet what seems to be an empty screen, except for some buttons at the top. You should have made the grid visible from the start.
The biggest bug (or is it just me?) is that the stop button doesn't seem to work. If you had fixed this problem you would got a much better rating. I also suggest you attach a generation counter. A next button would also be nice, so that we could see how "life" envolves step for step if we want to.
Take a look at this java version:
You see how much better it is? Look at it, learn from it and try to improve your flash version.

The reason I give you such a low score is mainly because of the stop button doesn't work, which is really frustrating. This is a major bug. If other people, including yourself, get it working, it's still a bug, because it should work under any circumstances and it should work as the user (me) expects. That is very important when launching any kind of interactive application. The interface should be intuitive, meaning that the user don't need heavy instructions to get it to work.

My intention with this review is to be helpful and I hope you see it that way to.
I mention it again, fix the stop button.
Good luck, I know it can be hard, but given enough time and work, you'll make it! :D

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